Dental Implant Cost – What Can You Expect On The Treatment Price?

Dental implants have a success rate of between 95 and 98%. Dental implant treatment can permanently replace lost or missing teeth or at least until the end of your lifetime. But dental implant cost is often the subject of animated debate, because patients often aren’t given comparative costs to benchmark it against. When you weigh up the durability and lifespan of dental implant treatment against other tooth replacement options, it certainly is worth its cost. Let’s unpack the issue of dental implants cost, and how you can recoup your investment.

What Are Your Tooth Replacement Options?

If you have lost a tooth, your options for replacing it usually are dentures, a dental bridge or dental implants. A dentist that offers free consultation can give you the comparative prices for each procedure as well as an indication of dental implants cost.

surgery procedure for tooth implants price drummoyneDentures

Dentures are also known as false teeth.

Dentures only replace a missing tooth above the gum and as a result, usually cause bone loss to occur in the jaw. Dentures need to be taken out at night.

Dentures may appear cheaper than dental implants but will need to be relined regularly and replaced every five to ten years.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge may be an option if you are missing a single tooth however it requires that part of a healthy tooth be filed down in order to make space for the dental bridge. The cost of a dental bridge is lower than dental implant treatment but it may only last for seven to five years.

Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants cost may be higher than dentures and dental bridges but it is a permanent fixture that will safeguard you against further bone loss. Dental implants cost may be higher on initial outlay but you could save yourself the trouble and expense of a bone graft or sinus lift later on.

If you pay your dental implant cost you should not need to have the procedure redone in the future, as compared to needing new dentures or a dental bridge. 

Dental Implant Cost: What Can You Expect?

Dental implant cost is variable and depends on the dental practitioner and patient in question. Dental implants cost sits at around $2000 to $7000 per tooth for a simple dental implant treatment. Should you require a more complex procedure that includes a bone graft, your dental implant cost could increase to $11500 per tooth

When looking at dental implant cost and how it compares to other tooth replacements, you need to consider how many consultations you might need for denture relining and repairs and what those costs could be in the future. You would need to factor in the costs of dental bridge work later on too, and compare total costs for each procedure. If you are unsure of what to choose, get a free consultation at your local dental clinic. 

Dental implants cost more because they last for longer and they require a more complex procedure.

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