Does Tooth Extraction Hurt? Don’t Let The Fear Delay You

We find so many patients are worried about pain when they come to us for tooth extractions. A lot of the time this is because patients have deep tooth decay or bad infections. Remember that a tooth extraction is done only when necessary and the necessary measures are taken to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Let’s take an in-depth look at answering the question of ‘does tooth extraction hurt’.

Why Are Tooth Extractions Performed?

Tooth extractions are performed when it is not possible to save a tooth. Saving your natural teeth should always be a dental priority because no restoration can be equated with a natural tooth. If your tooth is very badly damaged or decayed, or your tooth pulp has become infected, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, or your dentist anticipated that your wisdom teeth will present with problems, he or she will recommend they be extracted. Remember that tooth extraction is not the first choice, rather a last resort and will only be suggested when all other options have been considered.

So, Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?

to do does tooth extraction hurt drummoyneEven if you have a toothache because of decay or an infection, it does not mean the extraction process will be painful. Your dentist will be sensitive to how your gums might feel and will use a local anaesthetic around the infected tooth, to ensure you do not feel pain during the extraction.

If your tooth is very sensitive or you have an aversion to needles your dentist may also apply some topical numbing gel to your gum so that you do not even feel the injection.

Patients who are having complex wisdom tooth extractions or all four out in the same procedure may also be put under general anaesthetic if necessary.

What Will It Feel Like?

While you don’t feel pain because of the anaesthetic, you can expect to feel some pressure as your dentist pulls your tooth out. This will depend on how deep and strong the roots are. In the case of very large or impacted wisdom, it is sometimes necessary to cut them into smaller pieces before they can be pulled out.

What To Expect After A Tooth Extraction?

Any pain you might have felt because of an infection or decayed tooth will improve once your tooth has been extracted. You will be given a piece of gauze to bite down as the pressure can help to curb the bleeding. Your dentist will give you instructions not to touch the surgical site, and to avoid hot and cold beverages for the first 24 hours.

It’s important that you do not dislodge the blood clot that will form over the site. This can cause very intense pain that takes a long time to heal.

If you do feel pain or discomfort after the tooth extraction it can be managed with over the counter pain medication. 

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