Happy Gas – What is it and What is it used for?

Happy gas is a gas composed of nitrous oxide. Colloquially it is known as happy gas or laughing gas. At Drummoyne Our Dental Care any nervous patients will have the option to use happy gas along with any treatment. 1 month advance notice is required.

Is Happy Gas Safe?

Laughing gas is incredibly safe, especially with the equipment and training we have undergone. Dental sedation in Drummoyne by our dentists we will make sure you are safe and comfortable when receiving dental treatment. Happy gas at Drummoyne Our Dental Care we have the most incredible equipment and staff to help you through your dental anxieties. We ensure that you are monitored throughout treatment and can easily reverse the effects of the nitrous oxide when needed.

Compared with other sedation methods like anti anxiety pills or being put to sleep, laughing gas is much safer. It is also an incredibly easy experience.

How is Happy Gas used in dentistry?

At the dental setting, Happy Gas in Drummoyne is used to help alleviate stress, nervousness and anxiety. There is a little mask we pop onto your nose and you breathe in the happy gas with oxygen. Then you will start to feel relaxed . It is especially useful for many patients that have anxiety with the dentist which can lead to long term neglect. This can compound minor problems and ultimately lead to very extensive and expensive treatment. Laughing gas in Drummoyne can help reduce the stress and anxiety of receiving dental treatment. Contact us for now for laughing gas at your Drummoyne Dentist.

Possible After Effects of Happy Gas

The benefit of Happy Gas is that you will generally experience no after effects after the Happy Gas has worn off, which is around 20 minutes. However there are possible side effects which include feeling nauseous and vomiting.

Happy Gas is safe to use for children who may find it difficult coming to the dentist.

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Our staff are all very friendly and are there to support you through what can be a very nerve wracking and terrifying time. As a team Our Dental Care is here to look after you and ensure you have the best experience possible. With Happy Gas or Laughing Gas, it enables us to help and treat a significant number of people who have had bad experiences in the past.

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