Terms and Conditions for Patients

Synchro pty ltd (trading as Our Dental Care) conditions and policies for all previous, current and prospective patients attending Our Dental Care:

  1. You must provide accurate information when using Our Dental Care services.
  2. Any of the Our Dental Care advertising and website material should not be regarded as dental advice. Tailored, patient specific advice will be provided when a face-to-face examination, required radiographic procedures and information gathering takes place.
  3. Not all advertised treatments are suitable for every patient. Please speak to an Our Dental Care professional to confirm if you are eligible for the treatment.
  4. Costs, treatment options, risks and results vary between every individual.
  5. Accounts must be fully settled immediately upon completion of treatment.
  6. Any offers cannot be redeemed past the specified date.
  7. Offers must be mentioned prior to or on the day of treatment to be redeemed.
  8. Any clean appointment is for a 20 minute simple clean. Individuals who have not visited a dentist within the last 6 months or have copious amounts of calculus build up may require follow up clean appointments.
  9. Complex treatments such as tooth whitening, veneers, crowns or dental implant fixture supported prosthesis can only be undertaken in individuals who have a mouth free of disease. Bite wing x-rays taken within the last 6 months and an OPG x-ray taken within the last year at any clinic in conjunction with an oral examination with Our Dental Care can be used to prove that there is no active dental disease. We reserve the right to withdraw any treatment offer for any individuals who are unable or unwilling to comply with this condition.
  10. Any offers cannot be used in conjunction with any another offer.
  11. Any surgical procedure carries risk.
  12. Any warranty is valid if the patient has followed the all treatments recommendations by the dentist. The patient must also attend their regular maintenance and clean appointments at least every 6 months at an Our Dental Care location and must continue a home oral care routine, including brushing twice a day and flossing daily unless instructed otherwise for any warranty to be valid.
  13. Any warranty period covers treatment failures due to an operator or mechanical failure.
  14. The warranty does not include failures due to trauma, accidents, using the dental prosthesis inappropriately or inadequate home oral care.
  15. The warranty period for any treatment may be amended without prior notice at any period of time.
  16. A 2 year warranty exists for dental implant fixture supported prosthesis, dental crowns and veneers.
  17. A non-refundable deposit may be required prior to an appointment for complex or costly procedures.
  18. If you have given us inadequate notice prior to cancelling an appointment or have failed to attend an appointment a refundable $50 deposit may be required prior to the next appointment.
  19. All quotes are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  20. Our Dental Care will charge an additional $10.00 penalty rate per month for any outstanding amounts owed.
  21. If you breach this agreement, you will be liable to compensate Our Dental Care for any losses and expenses.