Veneers in Drummoyne – Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Smile

Porcelain dental veneers are custom-designed to restore the beauty in your smile. Consisting of thin shells of porcelain, our veneers in Drummoyne are exquisitely crafted to fit over your existing teeth to improve their size, shape, and colour.

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Teeth Veneers in Drummoyne – When You Might Consider Them

Teeth Veneers in Drummoyne – When You Might Consider Them

Porcelain dental veneers offer an efficient and long-lasting way to give you back the smile you have always wanted. Moreover, because they’re bonded to the front of your existing teeth, they can hide a multitude of dental issues. In essence, our porcelain veneers here in Drummoyne offer the ideal solution for those who have:

  • Ingrained teeth staining that can’t be removed by teeth whitening alone
  • Teeth which are naturally discoloured
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Slight teeth gaps (diastemas)
  • Minor misalignments

Lastly, veneers provide a less intrusive solution compared to dental crowns, dental implants, or orthodontic treatments like braces.

Teeth Veneers in Drummoyne – When You Might Consider Them

Dental Veneers in Drummoyne – What You Need To Know

Unlike dental implants or orthodontic treatments, you won’t need to wait months for results to show when choosing dental veneers. Typically, once dental veneers are made and are bonded or cemented onto your teeth, you’re pretty much good to go with a brand new flawless-looking smile. This process is completed in just 2-3 visits that span a few weeks.

To be a good candidate for teeth veneers at our Drummoyne dental clinic you simply need to:

  • Have a healthy mouth – No signs of gum disease
  • Have a sufficient layer of tooth enamel
  • Be committed to high standards of oral care in the future

Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Veneers in Sydney

Everyone aspires to have an even, natural, and bright smile. It defines their confidence and personality. It also motivates them to feel good about themselves. Luckily, we have the best cosmetic dentist in Sydney to help you with this!

Dental veneers act as a concealer that provides naturally whiter teeth. Here are some reasons why you should get these done to get your perfect smile!

It Fills In The Missing Gaps

If you’re worried about having minor spaces between your teeth, dental veneers are definitely worth considering! It helps to fill in those gaps by gently adding some thickness to the teeth. This dental procedure guarantees that the teeth maintain their proper proportions and appear completely natural. And, since veneers can be coloured to match the shade of one’s teeth, everyone around you will notice how your smile looks more attractive and brighter without them realizing that you have veneers.

It Covers Permanent Stains

Although teeth whitening can effectively alleviate years of teeth discolouration, some stains may remain stubborn. For this matter, undergoing a complete whitening treatment coupled with dental veneers application can be the most effective and practical solution here. It helps to eliminate the stains on your teeth, creating a dazzling smile that shines brighter than it has in years.

During your dental check-up with us here at Our Dental Care, our dentist will recommend the best solution for your teeth whether it be tooth whitening or veneers. T

It Provides Confidence

As mentioned, dental veneers are a great way of transforming your smile, as they can effectively cover any imperfections in your teeth. These include tooth gaps, stains, fractures, and chips. As a result, this can instill a sense of confidence in patients, which offers a positive impact on their self-esteem.

When you get dental veneers here at Our Dental Care, our dentist will customise them to match your natural teeth’s size, colour, and shape, making them blend in seamlessly with the rest of your surrounding teeth, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

It Doesn’t Require Special Maintenance

Taking care of veneers is relatively easy and so straightforward, requiring only the same level of care and maintenance as natural teeth. As a patient, you can maintain your new smile by following standard dental hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and using dental rinses. It’s also important to take note to regularly visit your dentist for routine check-ups and a professional cleaning to make sure the veneers stay in shape.

It Is A Quicker Dental Procedure Unlike Others

If you're looking to improve the appearance of your teeth, you have some dental procedures to choose from. However, some of these options can be pretty pricey and take several appointments spanning weeks or even months to finish. This can be a real hassle for patients who are busy or have tight schedules.

Luckily, getting veneers here at Our Dental Care can help you achieve a complete smile transformation faster! The entire process we have here can be typically completed in just two appointments, which is much more convenient for many.

It is a great alternative to orthodontic procedures like braces and aligners since you don't need to keep coming back for multiple adjustments.

It Lasts Up To 15 Years

One of the reasons for getting veneers is their durability and strength. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for up to 15 years, which is a long time considering the investment a patient can make in their dental health.

However, it’s still important to continue with your regular dental care routine to ensure its longevity, although veneers don’t require any additional care beyond standard dental hygiene practices.

This means brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothbrush, flossing daily, and using mouthwash to remove any bacteria and freshen your breath every day.

It Protects Cracked Teeth

It can be painful or uncomfortable to chew when you have a crack in your tooth, and it can get worse if not treated promptly. Our dental veneers can be a solution to this problem. They are thin shells of custom-made porcelain to fit over the front surface of your teeth. They are strong and durable, so this means you can eat and chew normally without discomfort.

Overall, dental veneers can be a long-lasting solution for cracked teeth, improving one’s ability to eat and drink comfortably and confidently.

If you have a cracked tooth, teeth gaps, discolouration, and other dental problems that let you down, consider enhancing the appearance of your teeth with our dental veneers here in Sydney! It’s a good idea to schedule a dental appointment with Our Dental Care.

Composite Resin Veneers

Achieve Your Dream Smile with Composite Resin Veneers!

One of the ways Our Dental Care achieves our patients’ dream smiles is veneers. We make use of composite resin veneers in our Drummoyne clinic to help you feel confident with your smile.

Dental Veneers in Drummoyne – What to Expect

If you are looking to transform your smile with veneers, here’s what our Drummoyne dentists tell you about what you can expect from this procedure:

Step 1 – Cosmetic Consultation Step 1 – Cosmetic Consultation

Step 1 – Cosmetic Consultation

During an initial consultation, you get to tell us your dental problems and what you would like to achieve. Next, we’ll give you a thorough dental examination and take a series of x-rays. From this, we’ll explain to you our options and will also recommend the best course of treatment based on need and requirement

Step 2 – Teeth Preparation Step 2 – Teeth Preparation

Step 2 – Teeth Preparation

Before fitting any cosmetic dental veneers, the teeth will need to be prepared. This may include removing a thin layer of tooth enamel so that your new veneers will sit flush with your existing smile. In addition, it also creates a better surface area for your tooth veneers to bond to.

Your dentist will also check size and colour requirements and take impressions from which your permanent tooth veneers are made. We may at this point fit temporary dental veneers while we wait for your permanent ones to be crafted.

Step 3 – Permanent Fitting Step 3 – Permanent Fitting

Step 3 – Permanent Fitting

Once your tooth veneers in Drummoyne have been made, patients are called back to our dental clinic where any temporaries are removed and permanent porcelain veneers are then fixed into position. Sometimes, a curing light is used to speed up the bonding process but not always. Finally, once in position, newly fitted teeth veneers are polished up to give a ‘flawless smile’

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