A Great Idea for the School Holidays!

The school holidays are just around the corner and you are probably wondering what to do with your precious little ones. Probably taking them to the beach and getting some ice cream if you can’t take them away from their Maltesers and iPad.

Great! But what about their teeth? Surely it doesn’t matter if baby teeth become decayed because we can just pull them out right?

No, unfortunately is the short answer.

By removing a child’s tooth too early, you are predisposing them to:

  • Crowding and orthodontic issues
  • Reducing their concentration at school because of dental pain
  • Increased social anxiety due to embarrassment from their teeth
  • Infections which can affect the development of the adult tooth
  • Not to mention, a lifelong dental phobia from the trauma of the tooth extraction

But it’s so expensive to see the Dentist!?

Luckily, the Government actually does provide $1000 free funding for eligible children. Click here for the Government website. It is called the Medicare CDBS scheme or the Child Dental Benefit Scheme. It covers pretty everything your child might need which includes checkups, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover orthodontics.

Once you have reached your cap, you will have to wait until the next 2 year period which usually isn’t too long.

Surely I’m not eligible?

57% of children are included in this but only 30% actually access this service. Therefore it is very likely your child can see the dentist without any out of pocket gap payments.

How can I find out if I’m eligible?

You can call our friendly staff at Our Dental Care on 02 9181 3668 to find out immediately. Alternatively you can directly Facebook message us via our website https://ourdentalcare.com.au on the bottom right hand side icon. We can tell you if your child is Eligible and how much balance they have remaining.

What if I’m not eligible?

Drummoyne, Innerwest and Sydney families will be glad to know Our Dental Care is offering gap free consultations for checkup, cleans, fluoride and xrays for your entire family! If you do not have insurance, take advantage of our Free Dental 20 minute consultation in order to discuss any issues.

So, now you can rest easy knowing your child is getting the best dental care before you bring them to their next exciting adventure in their school holidays.

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